Friday, 24th October 2014 (evening)

Saturday, 25th October 2014 (day)

Sunday, 26th October 2014 (day)

Sweet woman - gift yourself the space to dive into your body and spirit. Feel yourself in your ever changing flow and moments in your life. Stand in the presence of your spirit, learn and experience the psyche of the woman’s life cycle (infant, girl, teenager, unhealthy feminine, mature feminine, queen and shaman). Ultimately we will be sharing in the essence of womanhood and what its like to live in our society as a woman.

Your experience awaits…

  • Embodiment of self to relate to yourself and others from a place of authenticity and power
  • Trust in yourself and your inner voice; teaching you to release into change
  • Feel your soul-full-ness and be witnessed
  • Tapping into your journey and acknowledge our current strength and wisdom
  • Temple practice of feminine form and function
  • Invaluable insights into the psyche of genders and explore opposite gender practices
  • Honour and acknowledge your womb and heart space
  • Movement through dance, yoga and embodiment, awakening our senses
  • Bring more passion and presence into your personal connections.
This inaugural evolved weekend will be held in Oct 2014. Our role in this evolving event is apparent as we women play a key role in helping both men and women unlock, de-armour and exist in a more natural harmonious way. The Evolving Man team have run men's work courses and weekends since 2009. Their previous weekends focused on men’s journeys with women assistants participating on the Sunday.
You are invited to be part of the Emerging Woman~Evolving Man event. Men and Women are separate on Friday and Saturday. This offers us the full advantage of the potency in sharing conscious space with your own gender for authenticity and reflective work. This dynamic supports and evolves us in ways that don’t occur in mixed groups. On the Sunday both groups merge from this deepened space, in an alchemical blend of Transpersonal and Tantric self-development practices.
Helen’s Key Background:
Tantric Alchemy Graduate (Tantric Blossoming); Host of Tantric Night evenings; Designer/Facilitator of Women’s Circles; Yoga & Wellness Teacher. Also an avid student undertaking shamanic transpersonal teachings weekly.
Other core influences: Private Energetic Bodyworker, and dedicated seeker of spiritual lushness in daily living.
Arven’s Key Background:
Transpersonal Studies (Dbl. Adv. Dip.); Co-Founder, Designer & Facilitator with ‘Evolving Man’ and Living Frequencies Tantra & Conscious Relating.
Other core influences: Transformational Therapy (Cert.); Experiential Arts Therapy (Grad. Dip.) Shamanic Tantra Practitioner (L. 2); Transpersonal Psychology/ Breathwork Practitioner.
For further general details for this weekend workshop and to secure your place with a deposit: www.trybooking.com/94942
Extra Details Specifically For Women
The women hold space with each other on Friday and Saturday, and we come together and share practices with the men on Sunday. The Sunday closes off with a simple celebratory social space over a meal and downtime.
The benefit of holding space with our own gender (Fri/Sat) is to experience our essence and flow. Then on Sunday we are able to be authentic, present and grounded in our natural polarity as we meet the men, integrate and feel their truth and soul-full-ness. Journeying alongside each other. In short, this event offers the best of both worlds.
Experience is the core of learning. This weekend is an experiential journey of opening your eyes into unconscious patterns and resistance around our femininity. This underpins your vision, your relationships and your quality of relating in everyday life…
The more fully you express and authenticate yourself, the more others will see, feel and hear you and respond to meet you in your being-ness. The more we are able to show our vulnerability the more we are able to tap into our humanness.
We aim for you to walk away with a deeply expanded lived awareness of your soul-full-ness, and what you desire in your life. Whether this is your first exploration of such work, or you are here to drop into deeper levels of your fullness, all are welcome.
This workshop is held in a transpersonal frame. Every person has massive potential: deep resources capable of being integrated. The exercises, practices and reflective experiences reveal new levels of your personal magic and natural prowess. Not by teaching you ‘new things you must do to improve’ but by assisting you to know your core and natural state of being-ness. Opening your lived awareness of how much of you is already right here. (The often neglected secret of transformational work)
This weekend facilitates what it feels like to live united in a woman's body. Being aware and connected with your Shakti, your life force in all its flavours allows us to open more to life, to ourselves. Breathing, feeling, listening, sensing the profound nature that is both your lover, your queen, your magic.
Predominantly our culture teaches us to be small. And to save our ‘greatness’ for power based activities and busyness to fulfil other peoples agendas and expectations. We are taught to shun away from the fuller aspects of ourselves as people won't find us palatable. Being human means being many things: vulnerable, uncertain, imperfect, unfolding… yet also creative, intuitive, passionate, self reliant, deep and magnificent. Too many perfectionist myths exist to hold us back from truly being ourselves.
Authentic empowerment is not about transforming into some kind pop-culture paragon, being instantly attractive to anyone you want to impress, or learning a bunch of skills to influence people. Its about being raw and real and then gradually unfolding as you live your life. Opening up to what presents for you. At this event we will show you how to take yourself on that journey.
Deepening into Body and Spirit (Friday) We drop in together, charge our intents and tap into our body wisdom and felt senses. Connecting our feminine polarity of womb and heart space.
Temple rituals exploring feminine form and function (Saturday) Explore the psyche of the feminine, masculine and the psychology of love. Move deeply into authenticity and reflective work, healing touch and embodiment in circle space.
‘The Mirror of Relatedness’ (Sunday): Women and Men together. We blend powerful reflective and interactive practices with several key exercises from the sacred self-development edges of Shamanic Tantra. This is not a “tantra” workshop per se, and there is no nudity or direct sexual contact. All practices focus on deep self-awareness as their intent.
For further general details for this weekend workshop and to secure your place with a deposit: www.trybooking.com/94942

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