5 Step Preconception Care Plan
Your fertility support partner; optimising reproductive health and fertility

Having a baby is more than the conception. Deep within you want to create an environment for the healthiest egg and sperm, create an enjoyable pregnancy environment, and be problem free with what is in your control. We have all read and heard and even experienced what our environmental factors, nutrition, inactivity and highly stressed situations can do to our health. Billions of dollars yearly is poured into our Health Care sector…which should be rebranded “Sick Care”, because most of us visit them when we are unwell. If half the money spent could be spent on true Health Care – on YOUR health care then many modern day illnesses and conditions may be averted.

Rebates available for people who qualify.

Simple, effective solutions:


The statistics are always increasing on congenital effects and post natal health issues found from smoking, poor nutrition and lifestyle choices. Poor reproductive health research has been linked to likely causes influenced by chemicals in our food, high sugar and processed foods, frequent use of medicines, rising obesity rates and constant stress levels.

I wont waste writing space on what you know. Lets discuss what you are prepared to do. Ok, getting pregnant requires healthy sperm, healthy eggs and a healthy environment....getting healthy requires the guidance and support of FERTILE COSMOS.

My experience has shown that WAIST LOSS is more effective than WEIGHT LOSS. This was one of the main factors measured and monitored throughout the Lifestyle Programs that Helen ran at a leading Melbourne IVF clinic.

Documented research also proves that losing as little as 5% body fat aids in fertility and reproductive chances improve immensely. Results experienced first hand can ratify this fact.

So, in all my years of training in Personal Health and Wellbeing, Yoga, Qi Gong, Research, Healing and seeing many of my friends and family struggling with fertility and conception…it has all led to my Preconception Care Program™. Be one of the many to work with me and reap the benefits of altering a lifestyle change that is sustainable.

There will be some people visiting this site that are fit, healthy, tick all the lifestyle factor boxes and are still struggling to conceive. For these couples we will explore how we can give you professional holistic support and services to further enhance your overall wellbeing. Chances of conceiving can be improved significantly when healthy lifestyles are combined with correct medical diagnosis.

Are you ready to invest in your health now, as opposed to pay for your health ailments later on in life?

Is your time PRECIOUS NOW that you have tried countless months to conceive? 

The program offers you:


Group Personalised Training Sessions 


Partner Yoga for Fertility 


First Step Nutrition – a complete online nutritional plan that given you menu planner, calorie counter, shopping lists and recipes…as well as tracks your activity and measurements.


Healing sessions including Qi Gong to open up and clear kidney and bladder meridians which are associated with reproductive health.


Meditation and breath optimisation techniques with take home notes to enhance your practise.

Sessions strongly recommend partner involvement (Group Personal Training is free for partners.


At Home programs or programs you can do at your local fitness centre:


Yoga For Fertility DVD


Qi Gong For Fertility DVD


First Step Nutrition - complete online nutritional package

Lets Get started: Helen will contact you and design a tailored program for you both, click here!

FREE EBOOK!  Revealed: The 7 Secrets To Boost Your Fertility
Staff at Monash IVF: "Helen's dedication, nurturing nature and diversity in programs has helped both the patients and the staff improve their fitness, education and wellbeing. Seeing Helen cart all her PT equipment up two levels - we knew we had a great workout in store for us"
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5 Step Preconception Care Plan Partner Yoga for Fertility
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